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  • How will the raffle be done?
    It will be done on a name picker wheel. Each entry you get will put your name on the wheel giving you a better chance at winning the raffle! Here's a link:
  • How will the raffle be displayed?
    Every other Monday night at 7pm Central Time, the name wheel will be spun to see who our raffle winner is. At about 7:15PM I will post a video of the wheel being spun. That way everyone will be able to play the video and get their own fun out of it!
  • How long will the raffle be BI-WEEKLY?
    The raffle will eventually change to a weekly raffle! It is still in the air for how long it will be, but it will definitely be between Jan. 1st and Feb 1st 2023 depending on sales.
  • How long will it take to ship my product?
    VERY FAST SHIPPING!! The handling time is 0-1 business days. The time it takes to get to you will vary, but we are shipping from Minneapolis, MN so we can get your stuff shipped anywhere in the U.S. in a hurry.
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